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Woche für Woche stellt euch die WIENER-Redaktion einen Instagram-Account vor. Dabei ist es egal, ob es sich um Mode, Kunst, Design, Kulinarik oder Satire handelt. Das Profil muss gefallen. Wir nehmen aber auch gerne Vorschläge entgegen.

Diese Woche haben wir für euch den Account von natgeo. Das Magazin National Geoprahic begeistert seit vielen Jahrzehnten Leserinnen und Leser mit beeindruckenden Reportagen und Fotografien über unseren Planeten. Die erste Ausgabe erschien bereits 1888. Ins Leben gerufen wurde das Magazin von der National Geographic Society, seit 1999 erscheint es auch im deutschsprachigen Raum. Neben der Printausgabe gibt es das Kinder- und Jugendmagazin National Geographic Kids, einen eigenen Buchverlag sowie den National Geographic Channel, der weltweit in 153 Ländern und 27 Sprachen ausgestrahlt wird. Aufwendig produzierte Dokumentationen begeistern das Publikum nicht nur im Internet, sondern auch auch dem eigenen Youtube-Kanal.

Photograph by @paulnicklen // The thing I love the most about leopard seals is that they are amazing communicators. They are full of curiosity and always seem to have an excess of bravado for the first few minutes of an encounter. Then they either leave or stick around and act like a huge dog as was the case with this beauty. But, this is truly a case of “don’t try this at home”. I have been around wild animals most of my life and believe that I exude a calm energy and in turn, they relax. The best thing about this photograph is that you get to study the canine and tri-cusp molar dentition of this species. The canines are for catching penguins and the molars are more for straining krill out of the water. Like a baleen whale, they take a big mouthful of krill and water and then use their big tonuge to push the water out between their teeth while keeping the krill in their mouth. #followme on @paulnicklen to learn a lot more about this charismatic species. With @sea_legacy @cristinamittermeier @ladzinski and @andy_mann #antarctica #nature #naturelovers #instagood #photooftheday #beautiful #cute #happy #followme #picoftheday #fun #smile #art #nofilter #amazing #beauty #photo #cool #instagram #instacool #love #gratitude #humbledbynature #expeditionscouncil

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Video by @joelsartore | An endangered snow leopard named Rilu at the @MillerParkZoo. Snow leopards have adapted to live in some of the most frigid environments on Earth. They have an incredibly strong and agile body and a white coat with black markings that blends in perfectly with their mountainside homes in central Asia. Their long thick tails can be wrapped around their bodies for warmth, and are also used to help with balance. These big cats once ruled the Central Asian mountains, however their population has shrunk by at least 20% over the past 16 years. Poaching and illegal trade have contributed to the loss of this species over the years, as well as overstocking of the fragile, high altitude grasslands with livestock where these cats once thrived. Overstocking leads to a decline in wild prey for snow leopards, and when they turn to livestock to eat they are often shot on sight. The good news is that snow leopards are protected throughout most of their range, and CITIES has made hunting and trading of their body parts illegal. The International @SnowLeopardTrust and Snow Leopard Conservancy are two organizations working hard to create a multi-faceted approach to the conservation of this species. To see still images of this beautiful cat, check out @joelsartore! . . #snowleopard #endangeredspecies #bigcats #savethesnowleopard #photoark #natgeo

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Photograph by @thomaspeschak A steamy romance plays out in the caldera of Alcedo Volcano. Getting (from South Africa) to this remote location on Isabela Island in the Galápagos requires 4 flights, a 6-hour boat ride, a 12-hour hike in extreme heat, and stubborn patience. There are over a dozen subspecies of Galápagos tortoise. Though not as genetically diverse, the Volcán Alcedo tortoise is the most numerous subspecies. The higher numbers are thanks in part to a multi-year effort to remove feral goats and donkeys that decimated tortoise nests and habitat. Shot on assignment for @natgeo magazine for a forthcoming story on climate change and the Galápagos Islands. In collaboration with @darwinfound #galapagosnationalpark and @ecuadortravel For more images from the Galapágos follow photographer @thomaspeschak

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Photo by @pedromcbride (Pete McBride) | I have spent nearly a decade focusing my lenses on fresh water challenges around the globe — from drying waterways like my backyard river, the Colorado (it stopped reaching the sea in the 90s) to other lifelines like the Ganges in India to receding glaciers in east Africa and beyond. In the process, I have witnessed how reliable access to clean, safe water can change not only lives but livelihoods. Amazingly, fresh water has become one of the greatest challenges we all face. Regardless of where you live in the world — water is our most precious resource and often the most ignored, least understood and typically taken for granted. The photo above is an aerial image of artery-like drainage tendrils in the dry Colorado River Delta, Mexico. Also check out today’s Instagram Story to see more of my photos and videos. – Sponsored by @StellaArtois. Water is a fundamental human need, yet 663 million people around the world today live without access to safe water. Find out how to purchase a Stella Artois limited-edition Chalice and help end the global water crisis at natgeo.com/StellaArtois. Join Stella Artois and @water to learn more about how you can help be the generation to end the global water crisis. #1Chalice5Years

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Photo by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo Every night in Unalaska, I'd spot this red fox near the side of the road, charming drivers with its irresistible cuteness into throwing it snacks out the window. On this evening, I spent a few hours watching this fox at work, using my headlights to light the scene. —————————– This print will be on display in my new exhibition "Aleutian Dreams" opening Thursday, 4/6 5-8pm thru May 27 at @hartmanfineart in Portland, Oregon (come say hello!) and also in LA at @richardhellergallery now through May 6th. Click on my profile link @arni_coraldo for a preview. Aleutian Dreams was also featured in the natgeo.com story entitled: "The Bering Sea: Where Humans and Nature Collide" #fox #redfox #alaska #aleutiandreams #unalaska #dutchharbor #laart #portlandart #pdxart #photooftheday #night #humananimals #wildlife #animal #foxy #hungry

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